Moderate consumption of wine and health.

Wine and health

Antioxidant activity increases during fermentation and maturation, grapes are rich in total phenolic content, of which more than half are extracted during winemaking.

Furthermore, wine contains polyphenols which act as antioxidants. These antioxidans also reduce the damage caused by the body´s free radicals which contribute to causing degenerative diseases in the body such as cancer, Alzheimer´s disease, Parsinson´s disease and ageing.

On the other hand, Moderate wine consumers show a higher reduction of cardiovascular risk factors and a lower incidente of cardiovascular events, compared to other alcoholic beverages.

In addition, several studies have explored the complex realtionship betwen moderate consumption of wine and health.

Our wine is the reflection of the love, interest, patient work and enthusiasm which every man and woman involved in the proces of the wine.

We are also fortunate to have several good quality cellars in the area, the wine is elaborated in small, medium sized or large cellars, and from the wineyard to the cellar, men and women from Rioja take care of every single smallest detail that contributes to gradually make a product to be proud of.

In a few words, we could define our wine as a “quality wine” with moderate and old productive wineyards, that are at least 45 years old and whose target is to obtain the biggest possible level of quality.

Considering all the ideas, I would like to end up underlining that drinking a glass of wine a day can guarantee a greater longevity, and it is found in many countries of the Mediterranean diet with a strong wine tradition.

written by Ana Isabel Larreina Rodríguez